Hi! I’m Amanda and I come from people who linger at the kitchen table long after the plates have been cleared to swap stories about what was, what could be and what’s too fantastic to be believed. I was raised on biscuits, belly laughs and big tales, which fueled my curiosity and inspired me to travel the back-roads of Kentucky, looking for extraordinary people in ordinary places.

My travels took me to small and sometimes nearly extinct towns, where I knocked on doors and spent afternoons that melted into evenings at the kitchen tables of strangers (who quickly became friends) to hear their stories. I had the honor of retelling those stories in Kentucky Monthly magazine and later published the series as a book called Kentucky A to Z: A Bluegrass Travel Memoir.

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In September 2016, I teamed up with one of my dearest friends, Stacey Reid, to open The Georgetown Makery and its sister business, Magpie at the Makery, on the banks of the Elkhorn Creek in Georgetown, Kentucky. This open art studio and creatively-charged boutique provides a shelter to weary creatives who find a place at our big farm table to fill their souls back up with mess-making and of course, those good-old belly laughs. We are passionate about growing our tribe of ragamuffins, makers, doers and fantastically-broken-but-doing-it-anyway folks.

It’s a good life, friend. We like to throw confetti even on a regular, old Tuesday. Care to join us?